Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We have the trailer...

and Eleanor is fine!  Alex and Andy went to the customs inspection and then spent most of the day re-wiring the trailer lights and replacing the deflating trailer tires.  We'll be leaving early tomorrow (Wednesday) and should make it about to Toowoomba by tomorrow night.  Our exact route is still undecided.  Alex said the Land Cruiser seems to be a little slow when hauling the trailer.  If this turns out to be a problem we'll try to exchange it for something more powerful when we get to Darwin.

While waiting for news on the trailer, Chris and I went to Sydney's Night Noodle Market for Thai food. 


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  1. Thanks for taking the time from your busy days to post updates on your adventures. Mike's fan club back here in Pennsylvania is full of inquiring minds who want to know what he is up to. Please post a picture so we know he didn't just go on walkabout all by himself. Rachel's mom's car cover looks great. Good luck when the real competiton starts. G'day, mates. Kim & Marc Roberts