Saturday, February 13, 2010

Visit from Codman Academy

Yesterday, we had almost 50 students come to visit from the Codman Academy Charter School. George, Maddie, and I had fun teaching them about the car and showing them around the shop.

Explaining the electrical system during the presentation.


Checking out Eleanor in the shop.

  We were glad to have the students over, and maybe we'll see them again next year!

Photo credit: Maddie Hickman

TeenLife Boston Community Volunteer Fair

Last Sunday, we took Eleanor to the TeenLife Boston fair in Chestnut Hill. People were pretty enthusiastic about the car and asked a lot of questions.

Before the fair began.

Michael B., Fiona, and Mike talk with fair participants.
  We enjoyed showing the car at the fair. Thanks to TeenLife Boston for inviting us!

Photo credit: Chris Pentacoff