Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In Darwin

It's 9:30PM on Wednesday here in Darwin. We (the regular crew) arrived on Monday after spending two days in transit.

Seen on the way to the track on Monday.

Track homestretch.

Rachel's mom made this sweet cover.

Things have been going well. We went through scrutineering today and will test drive tomorrow.



  1. Today I was walking through the halls when I saw a girl and thought, hey, that's Maddie! Then I remembered...

  2. Good luck on your test tomorrow!

  3. Congratulations on nice looking vehicle. I have found another resource for updates on the race. A fellow American team, Principia College has an updated web page which features live GPS tracking, live daily radio updates (podcasts if you miss the live show), links to most of the competitors websites on the competitors tab (click on school name)translated to english, and an updates tab at the bottom with a similar update and posting to this website.
    Hope everyone finds it as interesting as I did. GO MIT.